The current world record for the heaviest weighted pull-up (one-max rep) was set on 9th July 2011, by Steven Proto, aged 29, originally from Long Island, New York. The record was set in his personal gym in Edmond, Oklahoma City, USA. Where Steven (6 foot) managed a weighted pull up of 206.2 lb (93.53 kg). Steven attached metal disks to his waist using a dip belt, in total Steven managed to lift 402 lb (182kg), his own body weight plus the weight of the metal disks.

Prior to the record attempt, Steven severed two years as a U.S Marine where he was able to perform roughly 20 pull-ups. He trained for an additional six years slowly increasing the amount of weight he attached.

At the time Steven was working as a bank cashier. Since 2011 his superman strength has seen him set another two pull up world records, ‘Most pull-ups in one minute with a 40-lb pack’ set on 9th July 2014 and ‘Most pull-ups in one minute with a 100-lb pack’ set on 15th October 2014.

You can watch Steven set the heaviest weighted pull-up world record on his YouTube channel, a channel dedicated to pull-up motivation.

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