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Jumping Jack


Similar Exercises to Try Burpee Box Jump Star Jump Tuck Jump Man Makers Jumping Lunge Jumping Jack Muscles Worked How to Do a Jumping Jack [...]

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The Walkout exercise is a full-body compound exercise, that works the core, shoulders, chest and glutes. It’s also an amazing exercise for stretching and working your hamstrings. The Walkout is normally performed as a warm up exercise prior to your main workout, however, is also [...]


Jumping Lunge


The jumping lunge is a functional exercise which introduces plyometric into the regular lunge movement. The lunge jump is much stronger, requiring more skills to perform and need more energy. You can add this exercise in your high-intensity interval training practices, or use it to improve your heart rate [...]

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The lunge is an easy, efficient and foundational compound exercise. It is one of the most common lower body exercises. They will strengthen your glutes (butt), quadriceps (thighs), hamstrings and calves. The lunge can improve your functional strength, tone and develops your core. Lunges increase [...]


Jump Squat


A squat jump involves squatting down and then forcefully jumping into the air. This exercise works muscles in the core, lower body, and even the upper body. It is a flexible exercise for developing the lower-body and core strength along with increasing [...]

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