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Dumbbell Hammer Curl


Similar Exercises to Try Dumbbell Hammer Curl Chin-Up Barbell Curl Stair Climb with Bicep Curl Muscles Worked

Dumbbell Hammer Curl2020-04-05T19:18:15+01:00

Dumbbell Split Squat


Similar Exercises to Try Bulgarian Split Squat Goblet Squat Stiff-Legged Deadlift Pistol Squat Barbell Squat Jumping Lunge Muscles Worked

Dumbbell Split Squat2020-04-05T23:10:00+01:00

Rear Delt Flys


Muscles Worked

Rear Delt Flys2020-04-05T21:39:41+01:00

Triceps Extension


Tricep extensions are almost identical to the skull crusher exercise apart from instead of lying down you perform this exercise either sitting or standing up straight.  The move is really simple and can be done either at the gym or at home. If you don’t [...]

Triceps Extension2020-04-05T20:54:30+01:00

Man Makers


Man Makers are a cross between a Renegade Row and a Burpee, which makes them more challenging and means they work your full-body. Great for improving your strength and aerobic ability. A compound exercise where all the equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells. [...]

Man Makers2020-04-05T21:47:59+01:00

Bicep Curl


The bicep curl is the most popular isolation exercise for the bicep, you can perform the bicep curl with a lot of equipment, resistance bands, dumbbells or a barbell. There's also a lot of gym machines that you’ll be able to use that target this particular muscle group. [...]

Bicep Curl2020-04-05T19:16:56+01:00

Seated Calf Raise


Muscles Worked

Seated Calf Raise2020-04-05T19:15:32+01:00

Standing Calf Raise


Calf raises are the most popular isolation exercise, designed to strengthen your calf muscles, ankle strength and stability. This exercise can prevent injury, the stronger your calves are the less likely they are to tear if you have a nasty fall, strengthening these muscles can really help improve your [...]

Standing Calf Raise2020-04-05T19:09:42+01:00

Lateral Raise


Muscles Worked How to Do a Lateral Raise

Lateral Raise2020-04-06T13:03:54+01:00