How to Write an Exercise Program gives new and existing gym-goers get right of entry to to the same professional workout techniques that top personal trainers use to build high-performing athletes. We’ll let you reach your fitness goals faster by leading you step by step through creating an efficient workout plan.

Have you ever wondered why personal trainers make a choice the exercises they do? Have you walked laps around the gym, not knowing what exercise to do next? As a substitute of selling you an exercise program, we give you the knowledge you wish to have so you’ll never have to shop for an exercise program again! We do this by deconstructing the crucial elements of an exercise program, taking a look at the whole thing from basic anatomy to how long you will have to rest between sets. We aim to respond to numerous common questions about exercise so you’ll best structure your workout routines.

You’ll discover ways to:

  • Structure your exercise program in response to your preferred results
  • Identify which muscle group to exercise first and why
  • Choose the right kind exercises for you and learn the order in which to do them
  • Use advanced concepts to remember how your body reacts to exercise, giving you an edge in your training

The principles in this book may also be adapted to suit all levels. If anything seems too complicated or difficult, you can also not yet be at that level. For people who find themselves somewhat inexperienced in the gym or who prefer to work out at home, you’ll use these techniques for bodyweight or light resistance training.

How to Write an Exercise Program answers your workout questions The use of plain easy-to-remember language. By the end of this book, You’ll have a much better understanding of the science in the back of exercise. The use of professional methods, it is possible for you to to structure your exercise programs or use your new expertise as a foundation towards a career in the fitness industry.

Your programs will no longer be random lists of exercises, but well-structured and systematic plans to fit your fitness goals. You’ll save yourself money and time by exercising with professional methodologies. With the knowledge and advice in this book, you’ll know the secrets in the back of fitness and feel much more confident in the gym.