We at Urbacise became very curious when investigating the best freestanding pull-up bar available to buy online. One of those pull-up bars is the lightweight portable pull-up bar designed and manufactured by Pull Up Mate, a company based in the UK.

So we contacted Pull Up Mate and asked their team a few questions about their product.

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Q What inspired your company to start making body-weight exercise equipment? Do you have a background in gymnastics/calisthenics?

Initially we developed Pull Up Mate for bodyweight rows / inverted pull ups but we wanted to make something portable. Our founder was once a personal trainer and recognised a need for equipment such as this.

Q What’s the benefits of having your new raised base design, as opposed to a flat base design?

There are no benefits to the flat base design apart from the fact it is smaller and cheaper to make/sell. There are a number of benefits of the raised base. Easier to assemble because the vertical tubes remain upright during the build.  The wider base enables users to perform  pull-ups and other exercises without having to be  completely central on the top bar, because of the more stable base.  The added height from the base also means the overall height of the pull-up bar has increased, but without making the frame weaker. The raised base enables users to use these raised bars for exercises such as handstand training and push-ups.

Q Why did you choose to manufacture in the UK, when getting your product made in China would mean you could get your product made for less money per unit?

Manufacturing our own products gives us the control we need to ensure we always have stock, as well as having control over the quality of the product.   We have invested heavily in machinery which enables us to produce large volumes efficiently with continuous monitoring of quality.

Q Is your product aimed at higher level calisthenics users or the beginner? For example when testing your product were you performing muscle-ups, front levels, back levels etc?

Our product was initially developed with HIIT type bodyweight workouts in mind.  As the product is portable we would not recommend anyone inexperienced attempt certain moves such as muscle ups.

Q Have you ever thought about how you might incorporate human flag training within one of your products? (The Pull Up Mate seemingly being too lightweight at the moment)

We may produce a limited edition product for human flag training and see how this goes.

Q Does your product sell better in the US or the UK? (Or in another part of the world)

Our product sells very well in Europe and the US.

Q What do you feel the general view is on calisthenics within the UK? Could it be more widely adopted? If so how are you working to raise awareness of calisthenics?

We feel Calisthenics in the UK is now more popular than ever and we’re confident we are helping more people take up this sport.

Q What’s the future of Pull Up Mate? Any new products on the horizon?

Lots of new products on the horizon which we are currently working on, so the future is very exciting for us all at Pull Up Mate.

Q What events in the UK do you visit? Any more planned for this year?

We regularly attend Bodypower which we absolutely love and other various events such as obstacle course races.

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