Our new book How to Write an Exercise Program gives new and existing gym goers access to the same professional workout techniques that top personal trainers use to build high-performing athletes. We’ll help you reach your fitness goals faster by leading you step-by-step through creating an efficient workout plan.

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How to Write an Exercise Program


Have you ever wondered why personal trainers choose the exercises they do? Have you walked laps around the gym, not knowing what exercise to do next? With the knowledge and advice from this book, you’ll understand the secrets behind working out effectively and feel a lot more confident in the gym.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Structure your exercise program based on your preferred results.
  • Identify which muscle group to exercise first and why.
  • Choose the correct exercises for you and learn how best to do them.
  • Use advanced concepts to understand how your body reacts to exercise, giving you an edge in your training.

How to Write an Exercise Program answers your workout questions using plain easy-to-understand language. Using this book will allow you to stop buying exercise advice and become your own personal trainer. You’ll save time and money – and succeed in your exercise goals.

How to Write an Exercise Program now available on Amazon as a paperback or eBook

Free support, templates, and resources available – This book works in conjunction with other aspects of urbacise.com such as our extensive exercise database.

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Chapter Summary

  • Getting the Supporting Media
  • Motivation for This Book
  • What This Book Will (and Won’t) Teach You
  • Chapter One: Define Your Goals
    • Muscular Endurance Tests
    • Cardiovascular Fitness Tests
    • Strength Tests
    • Flexibility Tests
  • Chapter Two: Structuring a Workout Program
    • Choosing a Split
    • Hit muscle Groups Twice a Week
    • The Science Behind the Split Workout
  • Chapter Three: Decide Which Muscles To Exercise First
    • Compound Exercises & Isolation Exercises
    • Targeting a Specific Muscle
    • Machines or Free Weights First?
  • Chapter Four: The Six Foundational Movement Patterns
    • Remember to Stretch
  • Chapter Five: Choose Some Exercises
    • Barbell vs Dumbbell
  • Chapter Six: Choose How Many Reps to Do
  • Chapter Seven: Circuit Training
  • Chapter Eight: Should You Train Until Failure?
  • Chapter Nine: Choose How Many Sets to Do
  • Chapter Ten: Decide How Long to Rest Between Sets
    • Active Rest
  • Chapter Eleven: How Many Exercises Per Muscle Group
  • Chapter Twelve: Add Some Cardio
    • Steady-State Cardio
    • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
    • Cardio Before or After Weights?
  • Chapter Thirteen: Wait a Bit Before Doing It Again
  • Chapter Fourteen: Don’t Over-Train
  • Chapter Fifteen: Push Yourself to Do More (Progressive Overload)
  • Chapter Sixteen: Record Your Progress
  • Train Hard – Stay Motivated
  • Appendices
    • Major Muscle Groups and Their Functions
    • How Do Muscles Grow and Recover?
    • How Does Working Out Build Muscle?
    • Dense Muscle vs. Big Muscle
    • Free Weights or Machines?
    • Understanding Why Rest is Important
    • Should I Stretch Before or After My Workout?
    • Is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Good or Bad?
    • The Importance of Refueling After a Workout
  • Glossary
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