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Up and Down Plank


The up and down plank is a core exercise that mainly targets your abdominal muscles, triceps, glutes, quadriceps and lower back. To make this exercise more challenging, try adding a push-up. Similar Exercises to Try Push-up Plank to Push-Up Plank Frog Stand Skull Crushers Triceps [...]

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360 Muscle-Up


Similar Exercises to Try Assisted Pull-up 360 Pull-Up PlyoMetric Pull-up L-Sit Pull-Up Archer Pull-Up Typewriter Pull-Up Head Banger Pull-Up Pull-Up Muscles Worked How to Do a 360 Muscle-up

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Triceps Extension


Tricep extensions are almost identical to the skull crusher exercise apart from instead of lying down you perform this exercise either sitting or standing up straight.  The move is really simple and can be done either at the gym or at home. If you don’t [...]

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Diamond Push-Up


The diamond push-up is similar to the normal push-up, it's still a good way of building your muscular endurance. The difference is  it works your triceps a lot more, compared to the normal push-up that focuses mainly on your chest. It achieves this by re-positioning the hands into a diamond shape under the centre of [...]

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Skull Crushers (Barbell)


The name implies this exercise can be very dangerous and given a heavy enough weight this is probably true. However, don’t let the name put you off trying this great and very effective exercise. Skull Crusher work your triceps and can be performed with various resistance, such as dumbbells, [...]

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Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up


If regular push-ups are too easy for you, you can try something a little more challenging like Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up! Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Ups are one of the coolest (and hardest) hand balancing moves out there. Showing incredible shoulder and tricep strength. They involve going from balancing your entire [...]

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