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Handstand Wall Hold


The handstand hold is quite an advanced way of exercising your shoulders, it is therefore not recommended if you are not already in pretty good shape and have a high level of strength. To master this move you will need to be able to support your full body weight.  [...]

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Tuck Planche


The Tuck Planche is a progression of simple planche and Frog Stand exercise. It is a relatively difficult move, your efforts with the simple and Frog Stand planche should have given you enough upper body strength to pull it off. It is actually the same as the Frog Stand [...]

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Military Press


The military press is very popular with both bodybuilders and powerlifters. It’s a compound upper body push exercise that works your shoulders, back, triceps, biceps and chest. This exercise it’s very easy to injure yourself if you use too heavy a weight, [...]

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A planche is an advanced gymnastics exercise where the performer lifts himself in the air with his hands, lying horizontally. It is a unique skill in gymnastics in which the body is held parallel to the ground, giving the illusion of floating. Due [...]