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Up and Down Plank


The up and down plank is a core exercise that mainly targets your abdominal muscles, triceps, glutes, quadriceps and lower back. To make this exercise more challenging, try adding a push-up. Similar Exercises to Try Push-up Plank to Push-Up Plank Frog Stand Skull Crushers Triceps [...]

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Kettlebell Sumo Squat


The kettlebell sumo squat is a lower-body compound exercise that mainly targets your glutes,  hamstrings, quadriceps, hip flexors and calves. You can perform this exercise either with a dumbbell or kettlebell. To make this exercise even more challenging, increase the amount of resistance or increase the range of motion. [...]

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Fire Hydrant


The Fire Hydrant exercise is a great way of targeting your glute muscles, it's a popular exercise for toning and sculpting butts and thighs. It can also help improve hip stability to prevent lower back and hip problems later in life. Or if you have had hip issues before [...]

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Barbell Hip Thrust


The barbell hip thrust exercise targets the glutes and helps strengthen the lower body. For an easier variation use only bodyweight or try glute bridges. To make this exercise more challenging, simply add more weight. You can make this exercise as hard [...]

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Bird Dog


The Bird Dog is a core exercise that mainly targets your lower back, it requires a level of balance as you’re only in contact with the floor using one hand and a shin. The Bird Dog can feel a little uncomfortable at first, however, it [...]

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Donkey Kick


The Donkey kick exercise (also known as a bent-leg kickback, as they are so like kickbacks) is an isolation exercise for your glutes. Donkey kicks are for toning and strengthening the lower body, therefore performed on your lower body split days, in a full body split programme or a [...]

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