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Clapping Dip


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Diamond Push-Up


The diamond push-up is similar to the normal push-up, it's still a good way of building your muscular endurance. The difference is  it works your triceps a lot more, compared to the normal push-up that focuses mainly on your chest. It achieves this by re-positioning the hands into a diamond shape under the centre of [...]

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Bench Press


The Bench Press is the most popular muscular strength (as opposed to muscular endurance) compound exercise, that a lot of bodybuilders and powerlifters focus on to build muscle mass and chest strength. It is a great exercise for your chest and also works your, triceps, shoulders and even your [...]

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Muay Thai Push-Up


Muay Thai Push Up is a Compound Calisthenics and Plyometrics exercise. It is also named as Behind the Back Clap Push-up. Before starting it, one is required to perform clap push-ups with ease (Preferably, one should be able to practice a double clap push-up). [...]

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Elephant Stand


The Elephant stand or more commonly known as Elephant lift, is a great skill for gymnasts, yogis, cheerleaders, or anyone who wants to challenge their flexibility and strength. Doing this exercise may help you get a spot on a team or even progress to more complicated movements. Doing an [...]

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