If regular push-ups are too easy for you, you can try something a little more challenging like Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up! Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Ups are one of the coolest (and hardest) hand balancing moves out there. Showing incredible shoulder and tricep strength. They involve going from balancing your entire body only on your forearms, up into a handstand position. Famous strong man “Sig Klein” was known as the master of the Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up. He’s been recorded doing 13 consecutive Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Ups and he could probably do even more!

  • Bodyweight
  • Compound

Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Ups are very advanced, before attempting this move you should be able to hold all the exercises that form a Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up independently. These would include the Tiger Bend, Handstand and Handstand Push-up.

Man performing a Tiger bend push-up, on wooden floor

Photo credit – Jack Holmes, Instagram @calisthenics_coaching

Suggested Equipment

Benefits of Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up

  • These push-ups help you work on your deltoids (anterior and lateral), triceps, and trapezius
  • They raise your heart rate, as well as strengthen your shoulders, quadriceps, and core
  • A very effective way to strengthen your lower back, thus help prevent back injuries
  • The Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up variation is very advanced and is definitely more challenging than traditional exercises, such as the push-up

Muscles Worked

Anterior (Front)

  • Biceps Brachii
  • Deltoid (Front & Back)
  • Pectoralis Major

Posterior (Back)

  • Trapezius
  • Triceps Brachii

How to do a Tiger Bend Handstand Push-Up

This is a very advanced calisthenics move, therefore please make sure you can do all the individual components before trying this move.

  1. Begin on the floor, putting your forearms on the ground, out in front of you
  2. Kick up off the ground and lift your legs in the air (make sure your face is suspended and isn’t touching your hands) bring your feet over the back of your head (vertical position). You should now be holding a Tiger Bend
  3. Rock yourself forward using your triceps, transferring the weight onto your shoulders, support your body-weight with bent arms
  4. Extend your arms so they’re straight, pushing yourself up into a handstand
  5. Lower yourself back down carefully, performing the above steps in reverse. Once you’re back in the Tiger Bend position this would be one repetition