Calf raises are the most popular isolation exercise, designed to strengthen your calf muscles, ankle strength and stability. This exercise can prevent injury, the stronger your calves are the less likely they are to tear if you have a nasty fall, strengthening these muscles can really help improve your running and thereby your endurance in general.

  • Dumbbells
  • Isolation

Calf raises can be performed anywhere and you don’t necessarily need any equipment. To make this exercise more challenging you can perform it with a barbell on your back. If you perform these exercises with your toes on an elevated surface you can also feel a much better stretch and an improved range of motion.

Equipment Required

Muscles Worked

How to Do Standing Calf Raise

Fitness model performing a calf-raise exercise
  1. Stand on a raised surface (such as a weight plate or a pile of sturdy books) have the ball of your feet on the edge of the raised surface with your heels overhanging. If you are not comfortable balancing in this position move the raised surface next to a wall for extra support
  2. With your heels overhanging, simply raise them up as high as possible, keep your body straight
  3. Once you have raised your heels as high as you are able, lower them back down, your heels should surpass the bottom of the raised surface and you should feel the stretch in your calves