The Renegade Row is a compound exercise that primarily works your back muscles however also exercises your chest, shoulders, triceps, biceps, and core. This is a great exercise to incorporate with either your upper body workout, pull split or within your circuit training.

  • Compound
  • Dumbbells

The only equipment needed for this exercise is a pair of dumbbells, if you are not confident balancing on dumbbells (as they tend to roll outwards) then you can either purchase/find some square dumbbells which would offer more stability or use a single weight plate.

Equipment Required

Muscles Worked

How to Do a Renegade Row

Fitness model performing a renegade row
Fitness model performing a renegade row
  1. Begin in the upper push-up position, have a dumbbell in each hand. Make sure your body is straight, avoid putting your backside in the air or sagging your hips downwards  
  2. Pull one dumbbell upwards towards your chest, begin to bend your arm until your elbow passes your upper back (Try to avoid rotating your hips)
  3. Lower the dumbbell back down to the ground
  4. Repeat this movement with the opposite arm, this would be one repetition