Man Makers are a cross between a Renegade Row and a Burpee, which makes them more challenging and means they work your full-body. Great for improving your strength and aerobic ability. A compound exercise where all the equipment you need is a pair of dumbbells.

  • Compound
  • Dumbbells

This is an intense exercise which means your body uses more oxygen even after completing, so you get the after-burn effect, whereby you burn more calories even after you have finished your session.

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Equipment Required

Muscles Worked

How to Do a Man Maker

Fitness model performing a man-maker exercise
Fitness model performing a man-maker exercise
Fitness model performing a man-maker exercise
  1. With a pair of dumbbells on the floor in front of you, get into the upper push-up position.
  2. Hold one dumbbell in each hand.
  3. Alternating between left and right, lift each dumbbell up off the ground. Keep the dumbbell by your side lifting your elbow up as high as you can (pass your back) then lower the dumbbell back down to the floor.
  4. Once you have done this with both the left and right dumbbell, return to the upper push-up position.
  5. Using the dumbbells for support and balance quickly jump your feet forward so they land below your chest.
  6. Get into the squat position, bring the dumbbells up to shoulder level
  7. Explosively extend your legs, whilst at the same time lift both dumbbells above your head, fully extending both arms.
  8. Now lower the dumbbells back down to shoulder level, and return to the squat position. Now carefully put the dumbbells back on the ground and jump your feet backwards, returning to the upper push-up
  9. This would be one repetition