A squat jump involves squatting down and then forcefully jumping into the air. This exercise works muscles in the core, lower body, and even the upper body.

  • Bodyweight
  • Compound
  • Dynamic Stretching

It is a flexible exercise for developing the lower-body and core strength along with increasing muscle power and mass. They are just perfect to help individuals to tone their thighs, hips, and legs. Squat jump is considered a foundation exercise as it is a move upon which a fitness routine builds. Exercisers may use squat jumps as a warm-up activity to get ready for other activities or as a core building exercise to specifically work the legs and buttocks.

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Benefits of Squat Jump

  • They help build and tone the glutes, calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, and core.
  • Squat jumps build core muscles and directly help burn fat. Thus, it results in losing weight and gaining muscle strength.
  • They help athletes to perform better, specifically in endurance exercises.
  • They prevent injuries as they increase the extent of motion in the ankles and hips.
  • Jump squats improve circulation of body fluid. The bodily fluids remove waste and deliver nutrients to tissues, glands, and organs.
  • Jump squats build muscles that are beneficial for glucose regulation, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity.
  • Jump squats prevent individuals from diabetes, heart disorders, hypertension, and obesity.
  • As one gets older, his/her leg strength decreases and squats can help him/her reduce the natural weakening of these muscle groups
  • Jump Squats help maintain motor balance and improve brain to muscle communication.

Muscles Worked

  • Quadriceps
  • Calves
  • The hamstrings
  • The gluteals
  • The lower back
  • The abdominal

How to Do a Squat Jump

Fitness model performing a jumping squat
Fitness model performing a jumping squat
  1. First, start in a standing position, face forward and have your hands by your side.
  2. Then, Squat down, keeping your back straight and head up. As you lower yourself into the squat simultaneously swing your arms behind you.
  3. After a slight pause at the bottom of the squat, push through your feet and extend your legs forcefully. Swing your arms forward, towards your chest, using them as pendulums to help you gain more height as you jump in the air.
  4. Whilst in the air keep your legs fully extended. As your feet land back onto the floor go immediately into the squat potion and repeat.