Deadlifts are a popular compound exercise, they work both your back and hamstrings so you could either perform this exercise on your upper, lower or pull split day. It also targets your quadriceps and glutes. Deadlifts are great for strength training and even help to improve your grip strength.

  • Barbell
  • Compound

The only equipment needed for a deadlift is a barbell, however before loading the barbell with a heavy load please know how easy it is to injure yourself without correct form and without a warm-up.

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Equipment Required

Muscles Worked

How to Do a Deadlift Exercise

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, with a barbell on the floor in front of you. The barbell should be positioned over the bridge of the foot, about an inch away from your shin.
  2. Squat down, gripping the bar with an overhand grip
  3. Your back should be flat with your chest forward, pushed up and out.
  4. Push through your heels as you being to extend your legs, hold the barbell tightly, keeping it close to your shins
  5. As the bar passes your knees drive the hips forward and engage your glutes
  6. Once fully standing, reverse the movement, lowing the barbel back down