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Before messaging us please have a look through our list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, to help our team avoid answering the same question multiple times. This will help free up our time so we can create even more great content for the website.

I’d like Some Training Advice or Help with a Particular Subject2018-08-30T21:25:09+01:00

There is a vast array of advice within our many fitness articles, you can read all our articles online or you can search our website via the search icon in the top right hand corner, if you’re looking for advice on a particular subject.

Can Urbacise Sponsor Me as an Athlete?2018-08-30T21:54:35+01:00

No, unfortunately we are not sponsoring any new athletes at this time. However, we wish you all the best with your sporting career. Follow us on our social media channels where we’ll announce when our status on this matter changes.

Can Urbacise Help Promote Me as an Athlete?2018-08-30T21:53:44+01:00

Yes, we would be delighted to help promote you as an athlete, please contact us either on our social media channel or via the contact form below. If you tag us via social media we’ll do our very best to re-post and show our support.

Can I Write an Article for

If you feel you’ve found a subject which we either haven’t written an article on or you’d like a subject covered in more detail, please use the contact form below and send us a message. If you’re interested in writing an article for the site please tell us your credentials and sporting/writing background. We can’t guarantee any gratuity however we can guarantee you get full author credit and listed in the article as the author.

I Have a Issue with One of Your Products2019-01-25T15:41:21+00:00

All our products are now listed on Amazon, for any customer service complaints or enquiries please contact the stores directly via Amazon.

I Have a Copyright Issue with One of the Images Used on Your Website2018-08-30T22:39:19+01:00

To our knowledge we obtain copyright permission for all images we display on our website, if you feel we’ve used an image we shouldn’t have please contact us via the form below and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you and remove the image if need be.

How Do I Apply for a Job or Internship?2018-08-30T22:32:10+01:00

Unfortunately we’re not recruiting at the moment, however, follow us on social media and we’ll announce when this changes in the future.

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