For decades, people have relied on Cardio to lose fat but in recent years strength training has managed to muscle its way into the spotlight. Today, one of the most common questions that can be heard in gyms throughout the country is “Cardio or Strength training for Weight Loss”. Here’s how both stack up against each other.

Cardio or weights to lose weight?

Cardio for Weight Loss

Cardio exercises have been used for ages to lose weight and the fact of the matter is that they do work but not as well as many people tend to believe. If you do longer cardio sessions it’s likely that you’ll lose 500-800 calories an hour depending on the length and intensity of your cardio workout. Though this number does seem impressive but keep in mind that you’ll have to dedicate the same amount of time every day to longer cardio workouts which can get repetitive and boring not to mention the time constraints that many people face.

In short, Cardio can be a time consuming and repetitive way to lose weight with little to no challenge. Weight Training, on the other hand, offers much more benefits and builds your body to prevent you from gaining weight in the first place.

Weight Training For Weight Loss

Right off the bat, Weight Training has a major advantage over Cardio. After every weight training workout, your metabolism is boosted for the next 38 hours which means you’ll be burning away calories even after you’re watching TV at home! At first, the calories you’re burning might not seem like such a big deal but once you factor in the fact that you’ll be going to the gym almost every day for the month it can easily add up and result in faster weight loss. But what gives weight training a distinct advantage is the fact that it boosts your body’s metabolism rate in the long term!

Weight training while following a set workout plan can help you develop lean muscle mass faster which then starts burning the calories in the body to sustain itself increasing the natural metabolism of the body. The more lean muscle mass you have, the higher the metabolism rate of your body will be, helping you burn calories around the clock and keep you slim.

Another distinct benefit of Weight training is that you can completely reshape your body and get curves in all the right places! Unlike Cardio that helps you lose both muscle mass and fat, weight training can help you lose strictly fat while encouraging or sustaining muscle mass to get the body shape you always wanted.

So Which Is Better?

It’s time to move on from believing that Cardio is the best way to lose fat. Weight Training is much more likely to help you accomplish your weight loss goals while keeping you motivated to keep pushing yourself to the limits. So, the next time you go to the gym you might want to give the dumbbells a shot rather than the treadmills.