Some think yoga is all about binding and twisting, some think yoga is getting into a seated position and chanting OM, some others think yoga is a series of headstands and crazy challenging posture and it’s’ perfect to lose weight and get skinny. Well, yoga can be everything listed but also so much more.

How yoga can help with your Calisthenics

What yoga is good for

Yoga is an ancient discipline focused on the health of the entire body in a complete way, working on both physical and mental levels. It is best known as stretching to improve flexibility, however offers many surprises to those who wants to get to know this discipline a little bit better.

  • Yoga can help you to find your best body shape
  • can help you to slim down
  • strengthen your entire body
  • challenge yourself with balancing and strengthening asanas
  • Improves the functions of your body
  • boost your metabolism
  • Improves your breathing system
  • Lets you face life with a focused and balanced mindset that will help you on and off the mat

How many different types of yoga are there

Yoga is a discipline embracing several different styles such as Hatha Yoga (the most traditional and common yoga style we basically find all over the web), Power yoga (the most dynamic and challenging yoga style as it makes you work on your body in a more intense way), Ashtanga (made up of a series of asanas you have to repeat) and so much more.

What’s the hardest yoga poses

The hardest asanas in yoga are, for sure, inversions and in particular we have the handstand and the headstand. These asanas are inversions requiring so much engagement, focus and strength that really take some time for yogis to get into them in a perfect and correct shape and performance. Of course, every asana in yoga can be challenging as we are talking about a discipline made up of postures that require balance, a strong core, strong arms and flexibility. So, according to one’s’ level and body an asana can be more or less complicated to perform.

How can yoga help with Calisthenics

Yoga and Calisthenics have some things in common that can be very useful to embark a side journey, made up of a balanced mix in both disciplines to get better at Calisthenics and even to improve your entire body’s performance. Yoga and Calisthenics uses your bodyweight and are both based on your own strength and balanced with challenging performances and position. Neither require any specific tool to train, only your body and a high level of concentration. Yoga is basically all over core and arms strength and these are the body areas calisthenics focus on. Adding some yoga to your calisthenics will improve your:

  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Upper body
  • Strength

Why yoga is important

Yoga has transitions called ‘vinyasa’ these are very similar to calisthenics, as you make your transition from one position to another in a powerful dynamic way. Such as from a Downward Facing Dog to a Cobra pose going through a Chaturanga (basically a powerful low plank) strengthening the entire body in few moments.

We would strongly recommend yoga as this discipline can really help you to get better at Calisthenics. It’s a unique and new way to bring some spice to your training sessions and, most of all, to explore your body and your limits. Yoga allows you to challenge your body even more and allows you to take your training to the next level.